Managed Testing and Outbreak Prevention Solutions

TEST KIT EXPRESS currently provide managed covid-19 testing solutions for leading companies such as Amazon. 

Managed Testing & Outbreak Prevention is for staff and in some sectors also customers (e.g. Hospitality or Events).

Organisations that can not afford to suddenly shut down a site or a department should consider managed testing solutions as they are both affordable and the financial returns on investment have been proven in every case.

Solutions are tailored to your exact needs so you can focus on your day-to-day business priorities.

Managed Solutions Can Include:

  • Clinical advise to assist in the design of your staff and/or customer testing regime.
  • Highly experienced (commercially aware) healthcare staff to conduct the testing.
  • Train your staff to conduct and read Rapid Antigen tests.
  • Train staff to take, prepare and dispatch samples for PCR.
  • The highest standards of clinical governance.
  • Extremely accurate and very fast rapid lateral flow tests.
  • Follow-up PCR tests (if lateral flow tests positive) fast-tracked at our partner PCR labs.
  • ‘Fit to Travel’ & ‘Test to Release’ PCR tests – fast-tracked at our partner PCR labs in under 24 hrs.
  • PPE, signage & other equipment to ensure staff safety.
  • Insightful & concise reporting to management.

Services designed around you:

Our team of experienced project managers and healthcare professionals will design and manage a seamless testing service that delivers:

Protection of Your Staff & Customers AND Your Business

Maximum Financial Value at Lowest Cost

Absolute Minimum Disruption

Efficiency is Everything

(Powered by Expertise & Technology)

TEST KIT EXPRESS managed solutions are designed around speed and minimum disruption.

Even tiny delays will have a huge knock-on impact on lost business revenue.  For example, if you were testing 300 staff using 4 testing professionals and each round of 4 tests added just 30 seconds to waiting times it would cost your business around £9,500 in lost productivity! (compared to virtually zero lost productivity with TEST KIT EXPRESS’ precise scheduling & test processing)

Using inferior slower tests also costs businesses thousands of pounds in lost productivity.  Many rapid lateral flow tests (especially those offered free by the UK Government) take up to 30 minutes to get the result.  This means that you lose 15 minutes for every employee you test.  At £100 per hour productivity this means your business would lose another £7,500 while 300 staff waited longer the necessary for their results!  Even the next best tests that take only 20 minutes would lead to £2,500 lost productivity which is much more than the cost of using high quality tests.

Leading businesses choose TEST KIT EXPRESS Managed Solutions built around:

  • Fast & Reliable tests.
  • Micro-designed optimised testing processes that shave every second possible from each test.
  • Highly experienced (commercially aware) healthcare professionals.  
  • The most advanced technology.

TEST KIT EXPRESS work with several leading companies across different sectors and this experience means we are ideally placed to advise and implement the optimum testing solution for your specific needs – whatever your sector and specific requirements:

Financial Services & Media

Crucial for large scale office environments where groups mix in confined spaces such as lifts and meeting rooms and staff tend to socialise in city centres.  Can not afford to lose high-value staff.  

Additional key services include regular office decontamination & air purification technology.

We can also arrange hassle-free ‘Fit to Travel’ and ‘Fast-track Release’ PCR tests for staff or clients travelling abroad or returning to the UK.



Construction Sites

Prevent site closure to ensure projects kept on track – even if just one team have to isolate it can have a huge knock-on effect and threaten the deadline for completion.

Our extensive experience providing continuous on-site testing solutions for some of the UK’s largest building projects has shown that construction workers poorly keep to social distancing & other protocol.  Staff also tend to share vehicles and many live/stay in high risk multi-person ‘digs’ during the week.

We can also arrange hassle-free ‘Fit to Travel’ and ‘Fast-track Release’ PCR tests for foreign contractors.

Industrial Plants & Factories

Simply must have the highest possible protection against outbreaks as closure is not an option and losing key staff unnecessarily puts a strain on operations.

Airlines & Cruise Operators

We can ensure all staff are cost-effectively tested prior to boarding planes and ships and throughout the duration of cruises.  This is not only crucial to protect staff and guests in confined spaces but protects your business and reputation as outbreaks attract maximum publicity.

We can also test guests and arrange hassle-free hassle-free ‘Fit to Travel’ and ‘Fast-track Release’ PCR tests as part of your travel package.  

Hotel & Hospitality Groups

Regular testing of staff not only provides protection against outbreaks and hotel closures but reassures customers and enhances reputation. 

We can also test guests and arrange hassle-free hassle-free ‘Fit to Travel’ and ‘Fast-track Release’ PCR tests enhancing guests experience of staying with you.  

Entertainments & Events

Not only is it crucial to test staff but we can also provide you with a seemless testing service for your guests as part of their ticket.  This not only ensures the safety of everyone at the event but also protects your reputation as outbreaks will attract lots of publicity.

Crucially, our managed solutions have proved to be faster and more reliable and more hassle-free than other providers we have taken over services from.


Typical Service Overview

  • Design – In consultation with you, our lead Project Manager will design the most efficient testing solution for your organisation to deliver maximum value with absolute minimum disruption.
  • Team – Depending on numbers and frequency of tests required – an optimum sized team of experienced healthcare professionals and an administrator set up at an appropriate place within or outside your workplace.  
  • Testing – Rapid lateral flow Covid-19 screening – The on-site team administer leading rapid covid-19 lateral flow tests.
  • Testing – PCR testing to confirm lateral flow positive results.  Any other staff that had close contact with them are also given tests.  PCR test results are delivered within just 24 hours of the tests reaching the lab – our normal practice is to courier them the same day.
  • Reporting – We provide a daily report of numbers tested and test results as well other KPI’s such as processing efficiency.

Additional Services

  • ‘Fit to Travel’ & ‘Test to Release’ PCR Tests we can fast-track the process for any staff or clients who require ‘Fit to Travel’ or ‘Test to Release’ PCR tests so they receive a hassle-free and worry-free service
  • Currently, due to the requirement to take the test within 72 hours of travel, journeys are often missed due to slow postage or lab delays.  However, because TEST KIT EXPRESS work so closely with our PCR partner labs we deliver your PCR tests directly to the technicians who fast-track the tests and certification meaning staff to not have to wait anxiously worrying about missing their travel. 

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