Managed Solutions for Large Office-based Businesses

TEST KIT EXPRESS can provide you with the most effective and efficient managed solutions to enable your business to safely return to your office.  TEST KIT EXPRESS Managed Services also include the most technologically advanced, hassle-free PCR testing services for staff and clients travelling to or from abroad, or for staff showing symptoms of coronavirus

As with all TEST KIT EXPRESS services, our Managed Solutions and PCR Testing Services are ethically-priced and market-leading with regards value for money and competitiveness.

Why Large Offices Need Managed Solutions

  • Staff mix in confined spaces such as lifts, meeting rooms, around desks and kitchen areas.
  • Ventilation is insufficient to disperse airbourne particles and vectors create areas of high particle density.
  • Staff continually touch the same surfaces such as door & cupboard handles, kitchen appliances, taps, desk surfaces, backs of chairs, pens, keyboards, phones, printers, lift buttons, etc.  It is simply impossible to avoid it even when everyone tries hard not to.
  • Staff tend to socialise regularly in busy city centres.
  • A relatively high proportion of younger, more carefree staff.
  • Important to be able to safely host clients at your premises.

Benefits of Using Managed Solutions Experts

  • A single point of contact for everything you need – avoid using of your valuable time planning; organising; implementing; reacting to and managing issues; and reporting.
  • Minimise the chance of losing staff and those who might have been in contact with them – avoid sudden disruption and potential impact on performance, services, client relationships and revenue.
  • Present a safe environment and the right imagefor staff and clients so they feel valued and comfortable at your premises.
  • Being seen by clients to implement best-in-class managed solutions will imply you do everything in the best possible way – retaining just one client who might otherwise consider moving in the future will likely pay for Managed Solutions many times over!
  • Hassle-free ‘Fit to Travel’ and ‘Fast-track Release’ PCR tests for staff or clients travelling abroad or entering the UK will be key for businesses hoping to return as near as possible to normal. Clients will appreciate you for it.

TEST KIT EXPRESS Solutions – Options for Large Offices

  • Design the most effective and cost-efficient managed solution in consultation with you – our experience means this will require minimal time/resource your end.
  • Includes the highest levels of clinical governance and accreditations 
  • Regular on-site testing of staff using trained (commercially aware) medical professionals – ensuring tests are administered correctly and efficiently, and the process is managed to ensure maximum staff safety.
  • Train your staff to conduct & read Rapid Antigen Tests.
  • Train staff to take, prepare and dispatch samples for PCR.
  • Provision of leading Rapid Antigen Tests – such as the Lepu Medical tests as used across the main German testing centres.
  • Regular office decontamination – including using the latest fogger air and surface sanitising technology – positioned optimally to ensure all surfaces are decontaminated to last 7 days – far more effective than wiping surfaces and missing areas.

  • The most advanced air filtration technology – positioned optimally within your office to ensure constant air cleaning and the removal of 99.97% of Covid-19 particles.
  • The most advanced staff interaction tracking technologyalerting staff when they step within 2 metres of each other and interaction tracking means that following a positive test it gives you a precise risk assessment for every other member of staff who might have had contact with them – allowing for precisely correct actions rather than sweeping mass isolations “just in case”.
  • Insightful & concise reporting to management.

Services designed around you:

Our team of experienced project managers and healthcare professionals will design and manage a seamless testing service that delivers:

Protection of Your Staff & Customers AND Your Business

Maximum Financial Value at Lowest Cost

Absolute Minimum Disruption

Efficiency is Everything

(Powered by Expertise & Technology)

TEST KIT EXPRESS managed solutions are designed around speed and minimum disruption.

Even tiny delays will have a huge knock-on impact on lost business revenue.  For example, if you were testing 300 staff using 4 testing professionals and each round of 4 tests added just 30 seconds to waiting times it would cost your business around £9,500 in lost productivity! (compared to virtually zero lost productivity with TEST KIT EXPRESS’ precise scheduling & test processing)

Using inferior slower tests also costs businesses thousands of pounds in lost productivity.  Many rapid lateral flow tests (especially those offered free by the UK Government) take up to 30 minutes to get the result.  This means that you lose 15 minutes for every employee you test.  At £100 per hour productivity this means your business would lose another £7,500 while 300 staff waited longer the necessary for their results!  Even the next best tests that take only 20 minutes would lead to £2,500 lost productivity which is much more than the cost of using quality tests.

Leading businesses choose TEST KIT EXPRESS Managed Solutions built around:

  • Very high quality tests.
  • Micro-designed optimised testing processes that shave every second possible from each test.
  • Highly experienced (commercially aware) healthcare professionals.  
  • The most advanced technology – we only use leading PCR labs who we partner with. 

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