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Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test Kit – Just £5.95 + VAT

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Outperforms other SARS-CoV-2 Test Kits for Accuracy AND Speed


Available in Boxes 20 or 5 Tests


CE Mark & UK Govt. MHRA Registered


Developed by Professor Sir Chris Evans, OBE and his UK-based Excalibur Team


Results Observed Within 15 Minutes


Ethically Priced only £5.95+VAT per test

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The Excalibur Rapid SARS-COV-2 Antigen Test Kit is available for professional use only under the current UK MHRA registration.

Available in Boxes of 20 or 5 Tests

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Boxes of 5

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Test Cartridges
Extraction Solution Bottles
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Nasal Swab
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Boxes of 20


Boxes of 5



We apply this test every day to every visitor, patient, and staff member without fail. It is very easy to use, produces positive results sometimes within 2-3 minutes and is always extremely reliable and accurate. We have a great confidence in this excellent test and it is relatively inexpensive for what it does.

Dr Conal Perrett A leading UK dermatologist & founder of 18 Week Support, which provides clinicians to support the NHS.
Dr Conal Perrett

Our hospital has purchased thousands of Excalibur tests to test staff and visitors across the site. We are using them as the first line of defence as per government guidelines. They have already proved their worth in picking out a number of asymptomatic positive Covid visitors. The tests are very reliable, easy to use and robust. I would highly recommend them in any setting where safety is a concern. 

Jason Davies Acting Managing Director of Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital.
Jason Davies

We have bought thousands of Excalibur Rapid Antigen tests and are extremely impressed. We found individuals with no symptoms who showed up as highly infectious. These are excellent and invaluable screening tools developed by Excalibur – use them and stay safe.

Theo Paphitis Owner of Ryman and hardware retailer, Robert Dyas, and former judge in Dragon’s Den
Theo Paphitis

We have evaluated the Excalibur test in our laboratories and found the test to have high analytical sensitivity and specificity. The importance of mass screening for COVID-19 cannot be underestimated, as we saw in the trial in Liverpool which resulted in Liverpool being moved down to Tier 2 in November. 

Professor Janet Hemingway Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Professor Janet Hemingway

Why Test Kit Express/Excalibur Tests are The Best Choice


Outperforms Other Tests

  • Outperforms other marketed Antigen tests for both Accuracy AND Speed.



Most Reliable

  • Near 100% ‘specificity’ means virtually no misdiagnosed ‘false positives’.

Most Accurate

  • Near 100% ‘sensitivity’ for highly infectious people and 99% for moderately infectious people.  This means it detects infectious individuals in almost every single case.



  • Read the results in 15 minutes – A positive result may be seen quickly and will be valid.


  • Easy to administer nasal swab means individuals won’t mind being tested regularly.

Cost-effective & Ethically Priced

  • Cost-effective and ETHICALLY PRICED to help test as many people as possible.

About Test Kit Express

Test Kit Express supply the Excalibur Rapid SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Test to Governments, Businesses and Organisations of all sizes. 

Test Kit Express can fulfil orders ranging from single boxes to 1 million+ boxes. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you implement cost-effective, hassle-free testing to best suit the requirements of your organisation.

Why Rapid Tests In General Are The Right Choice

(even if you don’t use ours)

  • Helps protect staff & colleagues, their family & friends and public health

  • Significant time and cost saving versus tests that require lab processing

  • Can be administered anywhere

  • Helps organisations protect employees and customers, reduce financial risk, increase productivity and improve customer service

  • Enables faster patient treatment decisions


  • Easy to use